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Baked turkey

Baked turkey

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He stayed there as I said, about a day and a half, and I turned him around during that time.

After the bath period expired, I took the turkey out of the bath, wiped it well with a paper towel, placed it in an oven tray, put an apple of the right size and a stick in its cavity. cinnamon to flavor it, and on top I prepared a kind of butter sauce at room temperature, with curry, chlli, and a few dried basil leaves, and I greased the turkey well with this sauce, I put a quantity in the cavity more generous, I covered it with an aluminum foil and put it in the solarium, that is, in the well-heated oven. In the tray I added a part of the bath in which the turkey was and some oil.

He stayed there for about 2 and a half hours, after which I removed the foil and left it for another hour on low heat to brown evenly. What I can say is that it came out very tender and fragrant. As a garnish we had a filling as we call it from bread, potatoes, onions and very tasty spices but you can use any other garnish you like.

Great appetite!

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