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Dark bread

Dark bread

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Put the flour in a bowl, add the yeast and mix them. Make a hole in the center and add salt, sugar, warm water and milk and start kneading for 10 minutes, until the dough becomes compact and elastic.

Cover the bowl with the dough with a kitchen towel and leave it in a warm place (I put it on the cupboard in the kitchen), leavened for 90 minutes.

After the dough has risen, place it in the oven tray lined with baking paper, cover again with a kitchen towel and leave it for another 30 minutes.

Before putting the bread in the oven (preheated to 190-200 degrees) we grease it with milk and with a well-sharpened knife we ​​cut the bread, without pressing too much the dough.

Leave the bread in the oven for 25-30 minutes.

It must be reddish, and when we turn it upside down and beat it to sound empty.

Good appetite !

Black Rye Bread

I put the flour in a bowl and sprinkled the salt. I first added a little water (about 100 ml) and mixed with a spatula. Along the way I added more water, if not all the flour has softened and I gave up the spatula, kneading by hand until I obtained a firm, non-sticky dough. The whole kneading operation took about 10 minutes.

I wrapped the dough in cling film and put it in the fridge for half an hour.

After the passage of time, I took out the dough, I shaped it into a round shape, I flattened it a little (the whole operation is done by powdering the work surface with flour, otherwise it sticks) and I put it in a tray. I greased with a little oil, sprinkled the seeds and a little coarse salt and put in the oven (preheated) for about 40 minutes.

When it browned nicely and started to crack here and there we stopped the fire, took out the bread and fought for the biggest piece.

What we are not allowed to do on Easter

Not only the dead known on the ascending line of a family are mentioned for the Easter of the Blessed, but the whole race of the common ancestors: the Forgotten, the Unknown, the White.

Housewives are not allowed to sew, bake, wash or clean the house. It is said that the sound you made when you hit the carpet drives away Blajini, come and pray for the living.

Another prohibition is not to speak ill of the dead, even if you have had misunderstandings during your life. As the saying goes, "About the dead, only good!"

Wholemeal bread with seeds

I thought I'd start this week with a bread recipe. I like bread, it's one of my favorite foods. However, I eat quite a bit. At most 600 grams in a week (some recommendations say that men can safely eat 200 grams of bread in a day, but I am a full-bodied person and I do not allow this amount), there are even days when I don't eat at all. As a child, we sometimes ate one loaf of bread a day, with lard and tomatoes in the summer, with eggplant salad or simply empty, when we bought it hot, from the kiosk of the bread factory. Gone are those days, now I do sport because I want to get there Back to & # 821790, I eat smaller portions and indulge in bread a little less often. Speaking of my schedule, I'm a few hundred grams away from the 110-kilogram psychological line. That tells me things are going well. They fit in last spring's pants. Resistance to effort almost doubled compared to November last year. It's good.

Let's get back to the recipe. I made a loaf of wheat flour, but not white bread or wholemeal bread. It contains the whole grain of wheat, so it is as complete as possible from a nutritional point of view. Of course, some of the qualities disappear due to baking, but that's life, you win on one side, you lose on the other, we can't bake bread in the sun, like in the past. I started making this bread the night before, making a mayonnaise from 12 grams of yeast (1 kilogram of flour, of which I eventually made a loaf of bread and 3 pizzas for guests), three tablespoons of flour and a cup of lukewarm water. I mixed them well and let the yeast work overnight. The purpose of the pork is to give flavor to the bread, in addition to the one it already has. And it makes sense & # 8211 makes the dough grow faster.

I knew I was going to use some of the dough for the pizza (by the way, wholemeal pizza with edible flour is edible but I don't know who knows what) so I didn't put the seeds in the dough, I just sprinkled them on top of the bread.

I put in the dough a little olive oil, a little salt and a lot of energy. Besides mayo and water. I kneaded for almost a quarter of an hour.

I let the dough rise under a towel. Half an hour.

After doubling its volume, I formed a loaf of bread.

I put the bread in a tray, sprinkled seeds on it and let it rise for another half an hour.

Bake for 45 minutes in the oven at 150-160 degrees Celsius.

It turned out quite fluffy, considering that when kneading I used half a liter of water per kilogram of flour. And it came out very tasty.

I also tested a slice of zacusca from my mother. Of course I liked it. Stay healthy.