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Yanqi Lake Kempinski Makes Its Debut in Beijing With Oval-Shaped Structure

Yanqi Lake Kempinski Makes Its Debut in Beijing With Oval-Shaped Structure

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Hotels these days are getting pretty creative with their designs. Gone are the days of the traditional structures and carbon-copies of the brand’s other properties. Today’s buildings are just as much a part of the allure of the destination, as the city itself. And Beijing’s newest hotel, Yanqi Lake Kempinski, is no different.

Set to open this winter, the hotel was designed by Chief Designer Zhang Hai Ao and his team from Shanghai Huadu Architect Design Company. With his team of 60 global designers and over 9,300 construction workers, he developed the oval-shaped structure over a 60-day period. “We had an international team because we needed a critical view from people outside of China to give their opinion on modern contemporary Chinese architectural design and to enable us to broaden our ideas on how we can use our design to showcase the Chinese culture to the world,” said Hai Ao.

Shaped like the mouth of a fish, the entrance symbolizes prosperity while the shape of the exterior from a side view is reminiscent of a scallop which represents fortune in Chinese culture. The building sits 318.2-feet high and its surface is covered by 10,000 pieces of glass panels. With 21 floors, Kempinski holds 306 guestrooms, a spa, meeting facilities, a Kid’s Club and dining venues.

Inside the lobby, a custom-designed art feature rests around the staircase and is made up of thousands of round glass spectrums suspended in the air by stainless steel cables. Decorated by contemporary furniture, the space includes stone flooring and jewel-toned violets found throughout the finishes of the décor and carpet design.

Hints of gentle blues paired with a subtle décor create a peaceful environment in each of the guestrooms and suites. Mixing dark and golden brown zebrano furniture pieces and traditional Chinese influences, the rooms exude an air of elegance that is heightened by honey golden wood flooring. Four suite options are available and the Panorama Suites (43 in total) offer lake or mountain views, Executive Club benefits, Wi-Fi, separate living room and dining area, and a mini bar in rooms boasting 818-1,076 square feet of space.

Among its amenities, the hotel houses a spa and nine dining venues ranging from various types of Chinese to authentic European fare. At the spa, guests can take advantage of healing principles inspired by seasonal cycles through the use of natural and organic herbs to restore the body's equilibrium.

Yanqi Lake Kempinski Hotel is beautifully constructed and through its use of Feng Shui principles in its décor and design, it may also serve as a relaxing destination for those looking for a little bit of balance in their life. As of publication date, the hotel is expected to open in 47 days with rooms starting at around USD $166 per night.