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Oats overnight breakfast recipe

Oats overnight breakfast recipe

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A real healthy breakfast and tasty, too - natural fat free yoghurt, fresh strawberries, sweetener and oats. Oh boy, is this the business and also a must for dieters, too.

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IngredientsServes: 1

  • 35g oats
  • 120ml water
  • 1 to 2 tablespoons fat free natural yoghurt
  • strawberries, apples or fruit of your choice
  • sweetener to taste

MethodPrep:5min ›Extra time:8hr › Ready in:8hr5min

  1. Place the oats in a bowl and then mix the cold water in, cover and place in the fridge overnight.
  2. In the morning, add the yoghurt.
  3. Prepare and dice your fruit, such as grated apple or sliced strawberries.
  4. Mix in the fruit and any sweetener, and eat!


You can also use any fruit flavored 0% yoghurt. I have also lost 13 lb in 4 weeks using this as part of my diet.

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Very Nice Indeed-17 Oct 2016

How To Make Overnight Oats

Overnight oats are healthy, full of flavor, and one of the easiest breakfasts you&rsquoll ever make. This ultimate overnight oats guide will walk you through everything you need to know in order to make the best overnight oats!

Below are six delicious flavor options (plus 15 more), steps on how to make your overnight oats, troubleshooting tips, FAQs, and recipes with or without yogurt, and with or without chia seeds. There&rsquos something here for everyone no matter what your tastes or dietary concerns are!

These overnight oat recipes have quickly become a staple in my house. My husband loves them too! Keep reading to see how you can easily prep these for yourself.

Everything You Should Know About Making Overnight Oats

Don’t let the name fool you: Overnight oats take just a few minutes to prepare — no cooking necessary. They get their beauty sleep overnight in the refrigerator and are ready and at their best in the morning, just in time for breakfast. Here’s everything you need to know about overnight oats.

Back up, what are overnight oats?

While oatmeal is meant to be eaten hot, overnight oats are cool and creamy. Mix together old-fashioned rolled oats with liquid (milk) and, if you’d like, a sweetener. Overnight, the oats absorb some of the liquid and soften up, becoming delightfully chewy. Part of the fun of overnight oats is that you can customize them with different sorts of toppings — from berries to chocolate chips — so you never get bored.

Can you use steel-cut oats for overnight oats?

Let’s talk about different varieties of oats for a quick sec. Steel-cut oats are simply chopped up pieces of oats. They look granular and take the longest amount of time to cook. Rolled oats cook more quickly than steel-cut oats because they’ve been steamed and rolled out into large flakes. Instant or quick oats are steamed longer and rolled out into even flatter flakes. Typically, overnight oats recipes call for old-fashioned rolled oats. For creamy, non-mushy results, we do recommend using rolled oats. That said, if you’re in a pinch, you could use one of the two other varieties, but bear in mind that your results will be slightly different than the “typical” overnight oats you’re familiar with. Steel-cut oats are tough, so let them soak for at least two nights instead of one — if you're making your overnight oats in advance for later in the week, these are chewier and denser, so ideal for later. Instant oats are wont to dissolve, so you’ll end up with a more pudding-like creation (but hey, it’ll still be tasty and nourishing).

Can you use regular milk in overnight oats?

Many recipes call for plant-based milks, but the truth of the matter is that you can use any sort of milk to make overnight oats — from regular cow’s milk to oat milk, refrigerated or shelf-stable. We also like adding regular yogurt or plant-based yogurt for extra creaminess (see our full overnight oats recipe at the bottom of this page).

What is the best ratio of milk to oats?

You can follow the recipe we have on the site for overnight oats, but a quick ratio to reference is 1:1 oats to milk. If you want to add additional creaminess with yogurt, you can add half as much yogurt as milk, for a ratio of 2:2:1 for oats:milk:yogurt.

How should I serve overnight oats?

You can make and serve overnight oats in any sort of vessel, although we like making them in the container that we plan on eating them in. Typically, we make overnight oats in jars that we can grab and eat on the go or at the kitchen table.

What should I top my overnight oats with, and when should I do it?

It’s totally okay to top your overnight oats with a sprinkling of berries when you’re assembling them. However, heavier fruits could sink down into your oats, so save them for the morning of, when the oats have had time to gel. We also recommend saving crisp toppings like nuts and cereal for topping just before you eat the oats in the morning, lest they get soggy. The sky’s the limit when it comes to toppings, but here are some of our favorites: chopped mango, pomegranate seeds, hazelnuts, chocolate, tahini, banana slices, strawberry slices, orange zest and ground cardamom.

Is it okay to meal prep several days’ worth of overnight oats?

Yes, you can (and should) meal-prep your overnight oats ahead of time. Try making a big batch on Sunday evening and portioning them out into jars. Don’t worry: The oats can sit in your fridge longer than just overnight without compromising their texture.

How long do overnight oats last in the refrigerator?

And if you are meal-prepping a bunch of overnight oats, it’s handy to know how long they’ll last! We recommend storing overnight oats in the refrigerator in airtight containers for up to five days. That means if you're meal-prepping on Sunday, you can make a work week’s worth of overnight oats and not have to think about breakfast again until Saturday. How convenient.

Mango-Ginger Overnight Oats

Waterbury Publications, Inc.

Fresh mango cubes and grated ginger give this oat recipe a kick. And if you really want an explosion of flavor and texture, try topping your oats with pomegranate seeds, too. Think outside the box when it comes to which fruits go with oatmeal, and you might be surprised how much you like the result.

Get our recipe for Mango-Ginger Overnight Oats.

Overnight Oats

Be sure to bookmark this post, so you can try a new flavor every day of the week!

All of the prep work is done the night before, giving you an instant healthy breakfast the next morning whenever you’re ready. With fifteen different flavors to choose, breakfast will never be boring again!

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Overnight Oats In A Jar

Any small container works here. I bought these adorable Le Parfait Overnight Jars specifically for this recipe – and now I’m obsessed and use the jars all the time for everything! To make the recipe, simply add 1/2 cup oats and a pinch of salt to a mason jar or tupperware container. Stir in everything else, put the lid on the jar and shake well, then refrigerate overnight. The next day, just stir and enjoy.

Do You Eat Them Hot Or Cold?

They are delicious either way! Just make sure to prepare the oats in a heat-safe container if you plan to microwave or warm them in the oven the next morning. You could also transfer the prepared oats to a small saucepan and heat them up that way. If using yogurt, it’s best to not cook them and especially in the warmer months, I like to eat them cold.

Are They Good For Meal Prep?

Stored covered in an airtight container in the fridge, the overnight oatmeal will last about five days, so it’s great to meal prep in advance for the week. You can also portion out extra servings of the dry ingredients into ziploc bags for your own homemade instant oatmeal packets like Quaker. The original version has 6 Weight Watchers SmartPoints. Overnight oats are the perfect healthy solution if you’re one of those people who like to have breakfast as soon as they get up in the morning.

Can You Make Overnight Steel Cut Oats?

You can! The results will have a chewy texture that some might even prefer to a version made with quick or rolled oats. They’re less chewy if you make them more than a day in advance.

Can You Make Vegan Overnight Oats?

Yes, they make a great vegan breakfast. Feel free to try out different plant-based milks in the recipe – almond milk, coconut milk, ricemilk, cashewmilk, soy milk, or even oat milk – to find your favorites. Technically, you could use water instead of milk, but the results will be much less creamy. Most regular grocery stores will sell at least one brand of nondairy yogurt, and some even have vegan Greek yogurt. Or you can skip the yogurt and just add more milk in its place. The recipe is suitable for many gluten free diets as well and is super versatile!

Overnight Oatmeal Flavors

  • Peanut Butter Overnight Oats: Add 2 tbsp peanut butter to the recipe. Throw in a handful of mini chocolate chips if desired.
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie: Use vanilla yogurt or add 1/8 tsp pure vanilla extract. Stir in 3-4 tsp chocolate chips, optional crushed walnuts, and a dash of cinnamon.
  • Nutella: Use your favorite brand of chocolate hazelnut spread or my recipe for Healthy Nutella as the nut butter. Add 1 tbsp regular and 1/2 tbsp dutch or additional regular cocoa powder. Top with toasted hazelnuts if you want.
  • Blueberry Overnight Oats: Use fresh or frozen blueberries as the fruit. You can also use blueberry yogurt if you wish.
  • Monkey Oats: Substitute mashed banana for the yogurt. Add 1-2 tbsp peanut butter and a handful of mini chocolate chips.
  • Banana Bread: Add 1/4 tsp cinnamon and 1-2 tbsp crushed walnuts or pecans with the dry ingredients. Use sliced banana as your fruit of choice.
  • Cinnamon Apple: Add 1/4 tsp cinnamon or apple pie spice. Use diced apple as your fruit of choice, and add 1-2 tbsp raisins and some crushed walnuts if desired.
  • Mint Chocolate Chip: Add 1/8 to 1/4 tsp pure peppermint extract, depending on desired strength. Stir in 2-4 tsp mini chocolate chips. If you wish, you can also add a little spirulina powder for color and added nutrition.

Of course there’s also a chocolate version – just use this recipe for Chocolate Overnight Oats.

The Recipes List:

This easy recipe for strawberries and tahini cream oats is so flavourful. The protein rich tahini is an amazing addition to oats as the warm, mildly spicy flavor goes so well with sweet juicy strawberries.

This delicious, creamy, and perfectly sweet recipe is the most popular recipe on NITK currently and it’s no surprise. Just a handful of ingredients creates a bowl of healthy oats that has an amazing cookie dough flavour!

Vanilla Overnight Oats from Peanut Butter Plus Chocolate

This recipe for Vanilla Overnight Oats with Blackberries and protein is an easy make ahead meal perfect for a quick breakfast on-the-go! These vanilla oats are creamy, delicious and completely customizable! Simply swap out the whey protein for a plant-based option to keep this recipe dairy free.

This simple recipe combines jumbo oats with chocolate vegan protein and cocoa powder to create a creamy, chocolaty breakfast that is packed with protein, tastes like dessert but is healthy enough for breakfast!

This simple and delicious recipe for oats with homemade cherry chia jam is vegan, gluten free, dairy free, protein-packed, and perfect for busy mornings!

This easy make-ahead, dairy free citrusy breakfast recipe made using fresh oranges and the addition of protein-packed collagen peptides, offering your body a boost of energy in the morning.

Protein-rich quinoa, oats, and vanilla protein powder bring the power into this fruit-filled overnight oats recipe that makes a great start to any day!

Try any one of these three variations of easy and healthy vegan oats that are packed with 30 grams of protein! The three delicious flavor options will get your mornings off to a healthy start!

Protein Overnight Oats from Eating Bird Food

This simple recipe packs over 20 grams per serving, is incredibly easy to make and uses a simple mix of oats, chia seeds, protein powder, almond milk, vanilla, and cinnamon!

This healthy, no cook overnight “pulp” is a twist on overnight oats and a delicious way to enjoy breakfast. The pulp is a great source of protein and is easy to prepare, perfect for busy mornings (and repurposes the leftover pulp from your homemade plant based milks)!

Overnight Steel Cut Oats from Well Plated

Steel cut oats contain a good amount of protein and mixed with the optional powder add-in in this recipe it’s a protein packed breakfast idea that has a lovely and different texture than regular overnight oats.

Overnight oats, meets strawberry shortcake, meets yogurt parfait in this unreal recipes that contains 22 grams of plant-based protein per serving – that’s how I would like to start my day!

Pumpkin Overnight Oats from Fit Mitten Kitchen

Yummy pumpkin combined with oats, yogurt, and chia seeds makes a high protein filling breakfast. For vegan friendly use your favorite dairy free yogurt as a swap in!

This recipe is unreal. Oats, collagen (hello protein!), almond butter, dark chocolate, chia seeds… for breakfast?! Yep! Need I say more??

Peaches and Cream Overnight Oats from The Roasted Root

A delicious combination of peaches and “cream” (coconut milk!) makes for an unreal gluten-free and dairy-free breakfast that has optional collagen as a protein add-in!

I hope you have enjoyed this mouthwatering list of overnight oats that are full of protein power, whole foods, and natural sweetness. I’d love to know which one you plan to try first! Tell me about it in the comments and be sure to pin the photo below to save this list for later!

Since you can’t eat eggs on a vegan diet, I have the perfect alternative for you! It’s a mashed tofu scramble made with southwestern flavors!

If you are a vegetarian, I have the perfect hash brown recipe for you. It’s made with sweet potatoes, mushrooms and seasonings

Top with a sinful amount of delicious cheese

A decadent, yet, protein-packed breakfast is exactly what you need to wake up! This is my all-time favorite smoothie bowl that is so delicious that you will think about it all day.

Here is another recipe for those who are “too-early-to-make-my-own-breakfast”, lol. Your crock-pot can make your oatmeal for you, so, you have no excuse! .

Have you tried my yogurt parfait recipe? It’s another quick breakfast recipe that you can eat on the go!

Or, if you have time in the mornings, a quick tofu scramble or a sweet potato hash is a hearty breakfast recipe.

Monday’s mango-pistachio flavor was like a spoonful of island heaven.

Have Fun With It

As you click through these overnight oats recipes, you’ll notice that many of them start with a similar base. They all have oats and liquid (usually almond milk). From there, you just add some fruit and fun toppings. Once you get the hang of creating these overnight oats, don’t just stick to the recipe. It’s easy to play around and swap out ingredients. Add in your favorite fruits, or whatever healthy ingredients you already have in your kitchen. There’s really no right or wrong here.

How overnight oats work:

Normally, when you make oatmeal, you add boiling hot water to cook the oats so they’re soft and chewy. You may add fruit, sweetener, nuts, seeds, peanut butter or whatever else.

Overnight oats are very similar, but instead of cooking the oats in hot water, they soak overnight in cold water or milk. The end result? Soft and chewy oats — but they’re cold.

And you can still add the same toppings and sweeteners you normally would with hot oatmeal.

You might be thinking… but cold oatmeal?! Yes! It’s good, I promise. But if it really turns you off, you can always heat up overnight oats in the microwave or on the stove. But that kind of defeats the purpose of prepping them in advance.

  • Easy to make, it takes less than five minutes (depending on how much fruit you have to chop if any)
  • Cheap to make (oats are not expensive, plus you can use fruit in season)
  • Filling (I can make it until lunchtime without a snack if I eat overnight oats)
  • Healthy – they’re packed with fiber and carbs
  • Versatile – you can make them a different way every time by changing your toppings

Want more ideas and overnight oats inspiration? Check out this post from Wholefully.

25 Overnight Oats Recipe Ideas for Busy Mornings

Breakfast is the best, in my opinion. I love starting my day at a leisurely pace, sitting down to breakfast and a cup of coffee and catching up on news and personal email before I start getting ready to head out for the day. The thing is, sometimes I choose extra sleep over cooking breakfast. On those mornings, I try not to skip breakfast altogether—instead, I always have some kind of healthy overnight oat concoction sitting in my fridge. (It happens a couple of times a week, usually, so the oats never go to waste).

The best thing about overnight oats is that, like warm oatmeal, they're pretty much a blank canvas for whatever healthy—or not-so-healthy, if you're in the mood—ingredients you feel like adding. I like to make my base out of oats, milk (almond or regular, depending on what I have on hand), and either Greek yogurt or cottage cheese, both of which add tons of protein and help thicken the oats. Sometimes I'll just make a plain base and add toppings in the morning. Other times, I like to add the mix-ins before I let the oats sit overnight, so that the flavors can meld and any dried fruit gets a chance to plump up.

If you're looking for some easy, healthy, convenient breakfast ideas, these 25 overnight oat recipes should be enough to get you started. There's something in here for everybody!